The Costs of Root Canal Therapy

Don’t Let an Infected Tooth Progress to Tooth Loss

Do you have an infected tooth? You may need root canal treatment! At Gentle Family Dentistry, our dental team in Bakersfield provides root canal treatment to ensure you get your oral health on track and don’t lose any natural teeth. However, we understand that costs can impede your decision to seek treatment.

Our Bakersfield dentist walks you through treatment costs to ensure you understand expenses before undergoing a root canal treatment. If you have specific questions about the costs, contact Gentle Family Dentistry at 661-664-9900 today!

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How Much Does a Root Canal Cost?

The average root canal cost ranges between $600 and $1,600 without insurance in the United States. However, specific factors will influence the total cost, including insurance coverage, where the infection is located, and how extensive the damage is.

Factors That Affect the Cost of Root Canal Treatment

The final cost of your root canal procedure can vary depending on several factors. Some of the most common factors that contribute to the cost include:

  • Location of the Affected Tooth: Teeth in the back of the mouth tend to be more challenging to access and may require additional time and effort to treat, which can increase the overall cost.
  • The Severity of the Infection: The more severe your infection is, the more complex the procedure is, costing you more.
  • Dental Insurance Coverage: Some dental insurance plans may cover all or a portion of the cost of root canal therapy, which can offset the out-of-pocket fees.
  • Dentist’s Fees: The cost of root canal therapy will vary from dentist to dentist. Dentists with more experience and reputable names may charge more for their services.
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Why Invest in Root Canal Treatment?

Save Your Natural Teeth

One of the primary benefits of root canal therapy is that it allows you to save your natural teeth. Unlike other dental procedures, such as tooth extractions or dental implants, root canal therapy preserves your natural tooth structure and helps to maintain good overall oral health. You can reverse an infection and avoid the hassles and costs of replacing a lost tooth. 

Relieve Your Pain and Discomfort

If you’re experiencing pain or discomfort due to an infected tooth, root canal therapy can help provide you with immediate relief. The root canal procedure removes the infected or damaged tooth pulp, which can alleviate pain and reduce inflammation.

Prevent Further Dental Issues

By removing the infected or damaged pulp from your tooth, root canals can help prevent further dental issues from occurring. If left untreated, an infected or damaged tooth can lead to more extensive dental work, such as extractions or dental implants.

Improve Your Overall Oral Health

Root canal therapy can help improve your overall oral health by eliminating infection and reducing the risk of future dental issues. By investing in root canal therapy, you’re taking a critical step towards maintaining a healthy smile and preventing more extensive dental work in the future.


While the cost of root canal treatments may seem daunting, it’s crucial to consider the long-term savings associated with the procedure. Investing in root canal therapy can help avoid more extensive and expensive dental work, making it a cost-effective solution for many patients.

Dental Insurance Coverage

The amount of dental coverage you receive for root canal therapy will depend on your insurance plan. Most dental insurance policies will cover a portion of the expenses of root canals. However, some insurance policies may require a waiting period before coverage for root canal costs kicks in.

Some policies may have limits on the number of root canal procedures that are covered per year. Before scheduling your root canal treatment, check with our Bakersfield dental providers to understand your coverage and any associated out-of-pocket costs.

Financing Your Root Canal Treatment Expenses

If your insurance doesn’t cover the cost of your root canal, or if you don’t have dental insurance, there are still options available to help you manage the expense. Third-party financing allows you to spread out the cost of your root canal therapy over several months or years with low monthly payments and little to no interest.

  1. Dental Financing Programs: Many dental practices offer their own financing programs or work with third-party financing companies, such as CareCredit. These programs allow you to spread out the cost of your treatment over time through monthly payments. Interest rates and terms may vary, so it’s important to review the details and understand any associated fees.
  2. Health Savings Accounts (HSAs) or Flexible Spending Accounts (FSAs): If you have an HSA or FSA, you can use the funds to pay for eligible dental expenses, including root canal treatment. These accounts allow you to set aside pre-tax dollars specifically for medical and dental expenses. Check with your HSA or FSA provider to determine the guidelines and eligible expenses.
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Investing in root canal therapy can be valuable for anyone looking to improve their dental health and overall well-being. By understanding your insurance coverage options and third-party financing, you can make an informed decision about your root canal therapy and enjoy a healthy, confident smile for years.

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