Clear Aligner Treatment Tips in Bakersfield, CA

Clear Aligner Treatment Tips

Gentle Family Dentistry provides a wide range of dental services to patients including clear orthodontic aligner treatment. How can you properly take care of your smile in order to correct it in the best way? Here are thirteen tips to help you get the most of your clear aligner treatment with our dentists.

  • Floss every day. Flossing helps to get rid of all the debris that may get caught in your fingers and teeth.
  • Stick to the 48-hour instruction. Wear your aligners as much as possible, especially in the first 48 hours of use.
  • Commit to wearing them at least 22 hours every day. To get the most out of your aligners, our dentists encourage only taking them out for eating and cleaning.
  • Change your aligners on time and in the right order. Keep up with your treatment by changing them out on time.
  • Know that it feels a little weird, but you will get used to it. The more you wear your aligners, the more comfortable they will feel.
  • The speech “learning curve” is steep. Practice talking with your aligners.
  • Most people will not notice your aligners. Clear trays allow you to “invisibly” straighten your smile.
  • Don’t be afraid of the clear aligner attachments. Use the attachments provided to you to keep your treatment plan on schedule.
  • Know how to care for your aligners. Talk to your dentist for proper cleaning suggestions.
  • Stick to the dietary instructions. Certain foods may slow down your treatment plan.
  • Keep your mouth extra clean to avoid the buildup of bacteria.
  • Use a whitening toothpaste for a more effective foundation for your smile.
  • Use your retainer properly to sustain your beautiful new smile.

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