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Experience Comfortable Treatments With Laser Dental Technology

Advances in modern dentistry have provided patients with better ways to enjoy a healthier, more beautiful smile. These advances include methods such as laser dentistry. At Gentle Family Dentistry, Bakersfield dentist Dr. Jonathan Garger utilizes laser dental technology to give patients the best possible experience. Whether you need a dental cleaning or root canal therapy, laser dentistry can enhance your experience. 

What Is Laser Dental Technology? 

Laser dental technology or laser dentistry involves the use of lasers (light amplification by stimulated emission of radiation) to replace traditional dental tools or during a dental procedure. Today, laser technology can be utilized for multiple dental procedures including root canal therapy, gum disease treatment, and more.  

Benefits of Laser Dentistry

  • Reduced Dental Anxiety — Patients with dental anxiety tend to respond better to the site of a laser than they do to the sight of drills and scalpels. 
  • Improved Accuracy — Lasers are narrow and ultra-precise, allowing Dr. Garger to be even more accurate when working on your smile.  
  • Minimal Trauma — Lasers only target the affected gum tissues leaving the surrounding tissue intact.
  • Reduced Bleeding — Lasers immediately cauterize any targeted tissue, resulting in reduced bleeding.
  • Better Healing — Lasers stimulate cells in targeted tissues, resulting in better soft-tissue regeneration and better healing. 
  • Reduced Risk of Infection — Lasers immediately sterilize the areas they target, reducing the risk of infection. 
  • Reduced Sensitivity — Lasers target tubules in the teeth, blocking off access to the tooth root and reducing, if not eliminating, dental sensitivity. 

Our Laser Dentistry Options

Our Bakersfield dental office is proud to feature two advanced dental lasers: the Diode and the Waterlase®. 

The Diode

Diode lasers are a class of soft tissue lasers that generate radiation through a semiconductor. 

Common uses of diode lasers in dentistry include: 

  • Trimming away excess or damaged soft tissue
  • Reducing dental sensitivity
  • Disinfecting and shrinking periodontal pockets to remove and prevent infection


Waterlase is a “wet” laser that utilizes the excitation of air and water molecules. Wet lasers like Waterlase continuously spray slim streams of water, keeping the tooth hydrated and preventing sensitivity and pain due to heat. Waterlase is also capable of treating hard oral structures like teeth and soft tissues alike. 

Common uses for Waterlase lasers in dentistry include:

  • Removing decay from teeth
  • Improving the bond strengths of filling materials to the tooth
  • Anesthetizing teeth and tissues without needles 
  • Removing excess tissue without bleeding
  • Removing bone to allow access to deep decay

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Lasers have paved the way for numerous patients to enjoy an overall improved dental experience. At Gentle Family Dentistry, Dr. Garger offers laser dentistry services to patients in Bakersfield, and surrounding areas such as Gosford, Alameda, and Lakeview, CA.

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