Crowns  in Bakersfield, CA

Crowns are full coverage tooth restorations that can be made from a huge variety of materials, including gold, nickel, aluminum, Chromium, feldspathic porcelain, pressed porcelain and Zirconia. Great improvements have been made in recent years to improve the fit, strength and esthetics of these restorations and to the materials used to cement them in place. Crowns are typically used because the remaining tooth structure has been weakened or cracked so that the cusps need to be covered to prevent expansion of any exiting cracks or the development of any new cracks in the tooth. Not all crowns are the same! They can vary wildly in the quality of fit, strength, and esthetics, depending on the standards of the dentist and lab that the dentist uses. Our office has the highest of standards and quality control that must be met before we are willing to cement a crown on the tooth of our patients.

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