What Works & What Doesn’t: Teeth Whitening

Are your teeth stained, discolored or dull? Wondering what the best way to achieve a brighter, whiter smile is? At Gentle Family Dentistry we are dedicated to our patients, their smiles and their overall oral health. We recommend only professional teeth whitening treatments for our patients. In order to explain why, first let’s discuss why teeth actually become yellow.

Why Do Teeth Become Yellow?

You’ve probably heard about all the things that can “stain” your teeth, and while this is true the stains caused by these foods or beverages are actually quite easy to remove as they typically only stain the surface of teeth. The yellowing that most patients are attempting to get rid of is actually due to dentin being exposed as enamel wears down over time.

Store-Bought Teeth Whitening Products

Have you tried over-the-counter teeth whitening products without any results? Teeth whitening products such as mouthwash, toothpaste and even strips are only designed to remove exterior staining (which your toothbrush can also do). Most patients report little to no result with tooth sensitivity and gum irritation being a common complaint.

Professional Teeth Whitening Treatments

Unlike over-the-counter teeth whitening products, our professional teeth whitening treatments in Bakersfield, CA are designed to remove both exterior and interior staining. We also make sure to protect your patients mouths, reducing the risk of sensitivity and irritation. Our patients can expect to see results in just one appointment.

Schedule Professional Teeth Whitening in Bakersfield, CA

Ready for teeth whitening that actually works? Schedule your appointment with our Bakersfield teeth whitening dentist today!

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