Fluoride Treatments Can Prevent Cavities in Adults

Today more than ever, people are struggling with dental anxiety like never before. If the sound of a dental drill strikes fear into your heart, perhaps you should focus more on preventative dentistry. Think of dental care completely free of pain or drilling. Sounds nice, doesn’t it?

Thankfully, there are easy ways to prevent the need for scary drills and painful dental surgeries. For the most part, dental problems can be avoided with the strategic use of good Oral Care combined with fluoride treatments. Fluoride treatments can prevent cavities in adults.

Benefits of Fluoride

Many people believe that fluoride is bad for your health, causes cancer, or will cause some other bad side effects. This is simply not true. Fluoride restores the minerals lost by your tooth enamel through poor diet and poor oral routine. All of the acidic foods that we consume today we’re down rather quickly on our tooth enamel. Fluoride, through direct contact, can actually remineralize your tooth enamel and cause it to become stronger and protect your mouth from dangerous bacteria.

Decay is a slow process. A cavity is a hole in your tooth caused by bacteria that needs to be fixed. However, it can actually be reversed by using fluoride treatments like a fluoride varnish and concentrated toothpaste. If the infection is dealt with, and fluoride is utilized to strengthen and grow the enamel, you may never need a painful drill to touch your mouth.

You can have confidence that your dentist can utilize fluoride in ways that are not harmful to you in any way. Of course, nobody should be swallowing fluoride, because that is not its use and it can be toxic in high doses.

If you have any more questions regarding preventive dentistry, no drill dentistry, or fluoride, then please give us a call today.

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