Implant Tooth Replacement  in Bakersfield, CA

Implant tooth replacement is usually the most desirable type of tooth replacement. By placing titanium roots into the bone where teeth have been lost, function is returned to the bone, and shrinkage of the ridge is for the most part, halted. Following the placement of the roots (implants), an abutment is screwed into it and a crown or a bridge may be cemented or screwed into the abutment. Implant crowns can be flossed like natural teeth, and best of all, they cannot decay! Implant restorations typically have the longest prognosis if the implant is placed properly, and the restoration follows proper bio-mechanical principles.

Implants can be used as a root for single tooth replacement (Crown), for supporting a fixed bridge, OR for holding an attachment to help hold a denture in place, OR to hold an abutment that can help SUPPORT a denture. Most commonly, dentures are used for the first purpose mentioned, single tooth because they offer some important advantages. Implants cannot decay… ever. Implants help preserve the bone that they are in by restoring function to the bone. Without a tooth or implant in the bone, the bone atrophies (or shrinks). If you are missing teeth, please ask us if you are a good candidate for implants!

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