Periodontal Treatment in Bakersfield, CA

Scaling and Root Planning is recommended if periodontal pocket measurements indicate the presence of periodontal disease. It involves using specialized instruments to clean and remove plaque and calculus that is below the gums. In our office, pocket depths 5mm or greater indicate the need to provide this specialized type of therapy. Because of the need to clean under the gums, it is often necessary to numb the gums for this procedure. In order to for the gums to respond positively to the therapy, more frequent hygiene visits are recommended so that the gums have a better likelihood of reattaching to the teeth and bone. These follow-up cleanings are called periodontal maintenance appointments. Remember: to succeed, we have to get it clean, and we need the patient’s cooperation to keep the gums clean.

Laser-Assisted Pocket Curettage and Disinfection is the use of a laser to assist in cleaning below the gumline and to reduce bacteria and infection in the pockets. In doing this, colonies of bacteria in the pockets of the gum are more effectively eliminated. In our office, we will recommend and perform this if conditions are not improving enough with non-laser therapy alone.

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