Dental Sealants in Bakersfield, CA

When it comes to cavities, more than 75% of dental decay begins in the deep grooves of the biting surface of molars. These areas are very hard to clean and therefore become a breeding ground for cavities to form. In an attempt to stop cavities at their source, dental sealants are used. A thin coating of clear material is applied to the chewing surface of the molars, which successfully covers the lower crevasses of the teeth.

Sealants are very successful in drastically reducing the odds of a tooth getting a cavity. A tooth sealant is not a replacement for proper brushing habits though since there are still parts of the tooth susceptible to getting cavities.

Dental Sealant Treatment

The dental sealant treatment is fast and easy, generally taking just a few minutes. Sealants can last for many years but should be checked by your dentist at your bi-annual visits to see if there are any issues with chipping or getting worn down.

Who benefits from sealants?

  • Children with baby teeth – While, yes, baby teeth will all out eventually, keeping them safe and healthy is crucial in aiding the overall development of the teeth. Children that are cavity prone or that have overly deep grooves on their teeth can definitely benefit.
  • Children and teens with adult teeth – Protecting the teeth as soon as they come in is a very wise investment. When getting a new phone, we generally put a case on it immediately, so the same should be considered as soon as the molars come in
  • Adults – Everyone can benefit from sealants, but those with particularly deep grooves or a history of cavities should consider getting sealants.

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