Mouthguards in Bakersfield, CA

Mouthguards are oral appliances made from flexible, yet firm material. While simple in design, they are a wise investment that helps prevent dental trauma from occurring while playing sports or for those suffering from bruxism.


Do you wake up in the mornings with a tight/sore jaw, a headache, or notice chips or fractures in your teeth? You may be suffering from bruxism, which is a condition that causes involuntary biting/grinding to occur while sleeping. Nightguards are ideal for absorbing the pressure and force that the jaw is exerting while preventing further damage from occurring to the teeth. Bruxism is also a cause and symptom of TMJ, so stopping bruxism before it evolves to a worse condition is ideal. Those suffering from sleep apnea can also benefit from their jaw being in a supportive position that keeps the airways open.

Sports Protection

Thousands of athletes have had to deal with repairs and corrections due to trauma occurring while playing sports. Even while partaking in “non-contact” sports like baseball or tennis could still result in an accident occurring and damage happening to the mouth. Sports mouthguards are successful in absorbing the force that is directed at the mouth from a random fly ball, an elbow from a competitor, or a hockey stick hitting you. While generic mouthguards are helpful, they are not as successful as a custom mouth guard made by your dentist.

With a generic mouth guard, there is still small gaps and pockets. These open spaces can allow the vibrations of the trauma to spread and could cause secondary issues. For total protection, a custom mouth guard eliminates the small gaps and is able to absorb all of the pressure from the trauma.

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